I just want to give a shoutout to @realbandwives who’s fielding questions and posting her true emotions about being the wife of a rockstar.  She’s a hilarious, hard-working lady whose bass-playing husband travels A LOT & is one of the funniest (and most random) tweeter and instagrammers of all time.   And, she’s a mommy, too!

@RealBandWives on Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr:  Check her out!

In this crazy roadwidow lifestyle we’re all struggling through, it’s imperative to have a good support system.  The best support are those who are struggling with the same thing, people who “get” this crazy lifestyle.  I would love for us all to be better resources for one another.  Find us on Twitter, email us, or comment on our blogs.  I feel like I should finish with something cheesy like:  “Together we are stronger!”.  Well, it’s true.  We are.




Lindsy / @LMRphotos

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About Lindsy

I'm Lindsy: a photographer, Nashville event planner, adoptive mother and birth mother, and wife of a touring musician. I cant make up my mind most of the time but when I do it sticks. Like the time when I was 17 and I met this goofy guitarist with a heart of gold and knew I had to make him mine forever. I like running, yoga, vegetables, and a bunch of other stuff.

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