When the road works out in your favor…

Before a couple weeks ago, my husband and I hadn’t been on “vacation” in over three years. We travel over the holidays, but a vacation just to get away? Fuggedaboudit.

It’s like we always say, when we can afford a trip, he’s on the road. When he’s off the road, we can’t afford to take a trip.

But sometimes… sometimes things just work out.

My husband and I noticed he had a show in his home state already months back, and he was excited to see family and friends he rarely gets to see. I noticed he had the week after the show off, but I didn’t say anything, assuming shows would pop up in that week. As we got closer, though, no shows got added. So I suggested I take that week off and come up to see friends and family as well. We’d take a vacation!

Two weeks out, I had my plane tickets purchased. Three days out, I had a rental car reserved. Next thing I knew, I was in the air flying cross-country to meet my husband at a show to kick off our vacation.

It. Was. Amazing. Downright theraputic! Not only did we see family that we hadn’t see in over three years, we had time to decompress and just let everything else go. I didn’t even get my laptop out for most of the trip! (If I did, it was brief and with purpose.) Heck, chunks of time, I didn’t even have cell service! Fabulous!!!!

We were not ready for our trip to end, but he had a show to get home to do and I had to get back to work. We left wanting more time, and with the promise to not wait 3 more years to come back.

As we flew home, my husband commented it was nice to fly with me for a change. I told him it was nice to have him there, too. We hadn’t taken a flight together in three years either! It was weird in a really good way.

We’re back to “normal” now in our routine, but the memories of our week-long adventure keeps us both smiling.

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