Making time for “us”

I often think that Road Widows are a very lucky group. We have a special appreciation of time spent with our spouse/boyfriend/fiance. Even so, life can get busy and the time our road warrior is home can easily get lost in the shuffle of errands, jobs, kids, and other events.  Before you know it, the road comes beckoning once again. The time spent at home has flown by and you’re left wondering what happened.

It’s happened to me and my husband several times. We’re happy to be back together, and its wonderful! I always prefer doing the most mundane of tasks with him by my side. But next thing I know, its back to the bus and I drive away wondering why we never had a chance to truly connect.

I had a friend post online awhile back that hearing married couples go on “a date night” irritated them. “It’s just dinner! Not a date!” they ranted.

Spoken like a true single, I thought.

My husband and I have turned Monday nights into “date night.” It happened quite by accident, and now I am clinging to that for as long as possible.

Sure, we eat out. A lot. Mostly due to being out when its time to eat, and it is just easier to go get something than drive home and cook. (No, its not the most economical, but its usually the most simple.) But Monday nights? Monday we actually dress up a bit and go somewhere nicer than normal. There’s no time frame to fit it in. There’s nowhere we have to be before or after. It’s US time. It’s different from those everyday dinners.

Any time I go to a wedding and they do the whole, “Leave the couple a piece of advice” thing, my note is, “Never stop dating.”

Life gets crazy, and when tour season is in full swing it gets a little crazier. As much as we appreciate having our spouse at home, it helps to get time to reconnect. Us time. How do you reconnect and get quality time when your husband/boyfriend/fiance is off the road?

064: Playing footsie

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2 thoughts on “Making time for “us”

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  2. It’s so so soooo important to keep dating, keep life exciting, & make one night a week a little more special than the others. Wonderful post, Nise! Great advice.

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