Alone on my birthday

001: Happy BirthdayMy birthday was the last week, and I spent it all alone. Its not the first time my husband was out of town on my birthday, but in the past I’d get a friend to come visit or my parents would come into town to spend my day with me. This was the first time for me to spend “my day” all alone. Just me and the cats.

I have to confess. I was pretty snippy the days leading up to my husband’s departure. Downright childish at times. I didn’t WANT to spend my birthday alone. It wasn’t fair. Its the one day a year that is mine, all mine.

Then I put on my big girl panties and decided maybe I should embrace this opportunity. My husband and I have both been working so hard lately. He’s been on the road a LOT, and I’ve been picking up extra shifts at a couple odd jobs I hold. I had been lamenting the last few weeks that I was never at home. Much less at home all alone!

I went and bought myself a Happy Birthday cupcake at Kroger. (The cashier even wrote “Happy Birthday!” on my receipt for all kinds of warm fuzzies for me.) Planned to make myself my favorite husband-on-the-road supper. Then I got a last minute invitation to a social media meet-up that I attended early that evening.

It was a very cold night in Nashville the night of my birthday, and it was with glee that I put on PJs and snuggled up under a blanket on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. Just me, my cats, and the house to myself. I chatted with family and friends on the phone or my instant messager.  By the time I talked to my husband that night, I was filled with such a happy peacefulness. Happier than I would have been if I’d have gone out.

Spending my birthday alone ended up being this wonderful little blessing in disguise. Oh I’d have preferred my husband be home! But I made the best of it, and I ended up having a wonderful time.

“So what did your husband get you for your birthday?”
“The house to myself!”

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2 thoughts on “Alone on my birthday

  1. I just found this blog (my live-in boyfriend is a touring musician) and boy, this first post hit home. My birthday was yesterday and I, too, spent it all alone! To make matters worse, I had the stomach flu. Being sick and alone is bad enough, but being sick and alone on your birthday!

    But your post was reassuring and comforting, the knowledge that we can be alone and be okay with it, that we can find happiness in an empty house. Thank you for sharing.


    • I’m so glad it could be a comfort! Trust me, I sure did NOT want to spend my birthday alone either. I don’t know many people who do… But it wasn’t the end of the world, and sometimes even something un-pleasant can be not-so-bad if you look at it just right. Glad maybe this post helped!

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY (late) and I sure hope you feel better soon.

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