Saying ‘Goodbye’ is NEVER as Sweet as Saying ‘Hello’

I said goodbye to my husband yesterday for the first time of many more times to come this year. The tour season, album promotion, TV appearances and awards shows have begun, and there doesn’t seem to be any reprieve until about September. But, as all of us Road Widows know, that’s never a guarantee.

As I drove away from the airport yesterday, after dropping my husband off, I had to remind myself that he dislikes saying goodbye just as much as I do. It’s not like to goes running towards bus call or the airplane doing a little happy dance because he gets to leave me behind for a few days/weeks/months. No, he would rather stay home to do his job.

However, we all know that the travel is a part of their job. But, remember, it’s not why they do it. My husband works in this industry because that’s what he loves and it’s been his dream for a very, very long time. He does not work in this industry because he wants to abandon me; that just happens to be par for the course.

So, remember fellow Road Widows, there are always just as many hello’s as there are goodbye’s, and the hello’s are always sweeter, while the goodbye’s are only temporary.

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About Chris B.

My husband is my best friend who also happens to be a touring musician. My kids are my motivation as well as a constant challenge. My blog, Road Widows, is a support outlet for wives and others in the music industry.

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