Attitude is Everything

My husband is on the road a lot. A LOT. And this means that the bus he is on is also on the road a lot. And if I think about all the time the bus spends on the road and the number of times the bus has broken down, the ratio is really very reasonable. But, when that bus breaks down it is always the worst time! For instance, the bus was headed back from Toronto, Canada, which is about a 14-15 hour drive from Nashville. Husband had been gone for a long time (close to a month) and I could not wait to have him home. Two hours into the 15-hour trip, the bus broke down. And stayed that way, roadside in Buffalo, NY, for FIVE hours! I felt so sorry for all of those on the bus, but I could not help but feel maybe even a little more sorry for myself and the other road widows.

My point is this: if it can go wrong, it usually will go wrong. This applies to the bus breaking down, the schedule changing, the tour dates getting moved around, the album release party falling on the one night you made plans, a show popping up on the weekend they were not, under any circumstances, going to have a show. You all know what I mean! And when the plans change, the bus breaks, or the additional show pops up, the only thing we can really control is our reaction to it.

Husband is usually just as disappointed as I am (and trust me, nobody wants to sit on the broken down bus and wait on a repair!). He wants to be home as much as I want him home. And, in my two years as a road widow I have come to realize that my complaining or whining or acting out does NOT change the circumstances. If I complain, the bus does not move any quicker; if I whine, the show does not get cancelled.

So, this is a reminder to me as much as it is to anyone else. When it can go wrong, it probably will go wrong. And all we can do is be supportive, grin and bear it, and control our reaction.

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