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9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dang it,
    It was as close as I ever came to being a rock star. We would always yell to the kids…come look your cousin is on T.V. again. They hated it when I started playing air drums. All kidding aside. I can tell you will be fine by your attitude. Can’t say I would be as strong. Best of luck.
    Mark, and family.

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  3. Back in 2005, I created a Yahoo group called Road Widows. When Facebook and MySpace took off, I transferred the groups and now we are solely on Facebook at . I can relate to what so many of you here are going through. My boyfriend is skilled trades, pipefitting, and has been on the road since 2005 traveling the country rebuilding oil refineries. He finally landed a job close to home and we can see each other every weekend now instead of once a month or every other month. Curiosity got the better of me today and I did a search for Road Widows and this blog came up :-) I’m glad I did!


    • So glad you found us! I started this blog in 2009 (I think – ha!) to be an outlet for me and hopefully serve as a resource for all the other wives/girlfriends out there whose husbands were in the music industry. There’s so much support out there for military wives, and while I don’t think our lives compare with what they go through, I did find support lacking for those of us who get left behind as our husbands chase their rockstar dreams. As we grew our following, I realized that so many other people can relate to what we’re going through – not just those in the music industry! So I am so happy that you googled road widows and that you found our blog. I hope you enjoy it and what you read. I’ll have to seek out your group on Facebook!

  4. I sob with relief and joy at finding this site. For me, the loneliness is hardest to deal with because it’s hard for others to understand. “How can you be “lonely” when you are married to this great person?” This site makes me less lonely and more normal. With no need for explanations.

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